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into the soybean business in Heilongjiang forced to stop production; Lu flowers, Jin Long Yue, etc. Cooking oil Price suddenly rose suddenly fell … … China’s soybean industry upstream and downstream of various strange phenomenon now appears, indicating the foreign forces in the middle range has grown and become strong enough to control the industrial chain, the fate of the other links.

To change the high external dependence, Shanghai Securities News Recently, this reporter learned from China’s Soybean Association, the association of materials and solutions have been submitted to the competent national authorities. According to industry sources, this year’s first document and the three rural policy have shown, followed by soybean industry may be introduced to promote the development of relevant

“ABCD” penetrate the Chinese soybean industry

As a major soybean producing areas of China, Heilongjiang Province, accounting for nearly half of the soybean crop, with more than 30 local soybean processing enterprises, but now 60% of the enterprises stop production. “Now we backlog of soybean meal (2839,36.00,1.28%), nearly 10,000 tons, Bean oil (7538,42.00,0.56%) also had more than 3000 tons, are not selling ah, sold lose out. “Heilongjiang luck and Chief Engineer Liu Hongfei Soybean Oil Co., told reporters.

“Now purchase a ton of soybeans, 100 to 150 dollars deficit would only discontinued.” Liu Hongfei that may be more discontinued after the Spring Festival, is estimated to 45 months to see the market is not can be recovery.

It is understood that China’s soybean industry in recent years has faced the impact of imports of cheap soybeans. Last year Financial Times of crisis, nearly 70% of soybean in Heilongjiang Province, processing enterprises stop production. “Now the whole industry chain of China’s soybean industry have a problem.” Soybean Association, the official told reporters.

According to the person in charge of China’s soybean industrial chain issues with the “ABCD” relevant. It is reported that the soybean crisis in 2004 led to heavy losses of domestic crushers, a large number of business failures, control of food production at a time when distribution of four low-cost foreign companies took the opportunity to purchase shares of Chinese soybean crushing business. ADM, Bunge (Bunge), Cargill (Cargill) and Louis Dreyfus (LouisDreyfus) that the four were with the letter “A, B, C, D” at the beginning of the grain in acquiring more than 70% of our downtime enterprise, from China’s soybean industrial chain link was interrupted foreign investment and began to subject to “ABCD”.

Soybean Industry Last Stand “China’s soybean industry can be said that the key barrier to development, the government and enterprises should work together to become bigger and stronger group of domestic enterprises, establish a complete industrial chain of independent, in order to promote the sound development of industry, to resist external shocks. “Soybean Association, the person in charge of the reporter that in recent years, large-scale shutdown of Soybean business is serious, I hope this report will help the program out of the woods soybean enterprises.

China Soybean Industry Association vice president of full-time climbing Liu told reporters that the main contents of this report is to promote China’s soybean enterprises bigger and stronger, reduce dependence on foreign and establishing an independent pricing system and to form their own brands. As the current foreign penetration is too deep to promote the development of China’s soybean industry policy measures will be issued in the form of internal documents.

“The key now is to address national policy and business must work together to both.” Liu climb that, although the Government had already introduced the relevant subsidies and on behalf of the Reserve collection system, but the actual effect, simple subsidies is limited.

Climbing Liu said the whole industrial system policy development should be considered. “Including trade, investment, industrial policies have to be taken into account, and put a high degree of national food security.” He suggested that the soybean industry development should be included in the “12 5” plan, “After all, the soybean industry is involved behind the 4000 the employment of more than 10,000 soybean farmers and food security.

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